Assam Nursing Council published important Circular/Notification available here.

The Assam Nurses’ Midwives’ & Health Visitors’ Council is an autonomous statutory registration body for registering qualified Nurses, Midwives, Auxiliary Nurse Midwives & Health Visitors as per the provision under clause (a) of section 17of the Assam Nurses’ Midwives’ & Health Visitor’s Act,1944.

The Assam Nurses’ Midwives’& Health Visitors’ Registration Act was passed in the Assam Legislative Assembly in the1944 and received the assent of the Governor of Assam on the 6thJune, 1953 and published in the Assam Gazette on the 17th June,1953 as an Act to amended the Assam Nurses’ Midwives’ & Health Visitor’s Registration Act 1944 &1953. This Act is extended to whole of the Assam.

As a regulatory body for Nursing and Midwifery, the Nursing Council is the vanguard for quality Nursing Education by ensuring that Nursing and Midwifery personnel are competently educated and trained to deliver Professional Health Care.

Assam Nursing Council

Important Notification/Circular of  Assam Nursing Council as below:-

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1 Circular 17th February 2023
2 Circular 29th December 2022
3 Circular 23rd May, 2022
4 Circular on 19th May 2022
5 Notification on 2nd March, 2022
6 Self Enrollment on Nurses Registration & Tracking System

Mission of the  Nursing Council:-

–         Maintain uniform standard of Nursing Education.

–         Provide the registration for entry in to the practice.

–         Be an open, transparent, responsible and accountable organization.

Function of the  Nursing Council:-

1. Registration :
  • Registration of qualified candidates to practice.
  • Verification of Registration Certificates issued from the council whenever there is a request from any employer across the world. The documents communicated is cross checked with the existing records for authenticity.
  • Renewal of previously registered candidates with the council.
2. Examinations and award Diploma :
  • The Council is an approved Examination body for the Examinations for Diploma ANM, Diploma GNM and Post Basic Diploma Nursing Courses.
  • The Council conducts the examinations.
3. Approval and Supervision of Institutions :
  • The Council conducts inspections to verify the teaching, learning facilities as well as programme conduction at Nursing Educational institutions.
4. Look into the complaint against nurses :
  • The Council takes disciplinary actions against the nurses found to be observing unethical behavioral or mal practice.
5. CNE :
  • Organization of continuing Education Programme for nursing professionals.
  • Award credit hours for CNE Programmes organized by Education institution and hospitals for the purpose of renewal of Registration.

Act/Rules of  Nursing Council:-


Nursing Councils of India:-

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3 Gujarat Nursing Council 4 West Bengal Nursing Council
5 ODISHA Nursing COUNCIL 6 Tamilnadu Nursing Council
7 Maharashtra Nursing Council 8 Kerala Nursing Council
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11 AndhraPradesh Nursing Council 12 Tripura Nursing Council
13 Sikkim Nursing Council 14 Arunachal Pradesh Nursing Council
15 Jharkhand Nursing Council 16 Telangana Nursing Council
17 Punjab Nursing Council 18 Himachal Pradesh Nursing Council
19 Bihar Nursing Council 20 Nagaland Nursing Council
21 MadhyaPradesh Nursing Council 22 Delhi Nursing Council
23 Mizoram Nursing Council 24 Chhattisgarh Nursing Council
25 Assam Nursing Council 26 Goa Nursing Council
27 Manipur Nursing Council 28 Meghalaya Nursing Council
29 Tripura Nursing Council 30 UttarPradesh Nursing Council
31 Jammu-Kashmir Nursing Council    
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